September 8, 2022

My reflection is from Living Faith:
With delight I rejoice in the Lord. Isaiah 61:10
“In my family, September 8 speaks of promise. My parents fell in love September 8. My in-laws married September 8. And today in our Church family, we celebrate Mary’s birth, September 8. How delightful that God’s promise of a Savior commences first in the birth of this precious daughter.
Her fiat ushered in the Savior of the World. Can you imagine? This grace filled young woman satisfied her own plans and rejoisted in the Lord and gave him her ‘yes.’ Mary’s betrothed – Joseph – also defied the unknown. He said aside his initial fears and gave his total assent to our Lord. Together, the holy couple promised fidelity both to the Father and to a helpless infant who would save us all – just is promised.
What promise might God be waiting to fulfill in you? How can you say ‘yes’ to God‘s call today?
With delight, O Lord, I rejoice in you. May I always unite my will with yours.” Kathleen Swartz McQuaig