September 7, 2020

My reflection today is from Fresh Bread:
“ On one of my retreat days last summer, I stooped to pick up a fallen cottonwood leaf. My heart has been deep into reflection on discipleship and the leaf suddenly symbolized all that I had been praying. Very nearly eaten out of the leaf was a whole, thumbprint size. The tiny chomp marks of a caterpillar or some avaricious insect could easily be seen. My worn spirit looked long at that leaf. I said to myself,‘ I feel like that: eaten up by my work; the events on my calendar have taken a large space in me.’
I have since asked myself many questions about ministry and the feeling that I sometimes get of being ‘eaten up.‘ I have gone to God in prayer and questioned how much of myself I can afford to give and how much I need to keep. No easy answers have come but gradually I have learned some lessons about the ‘holes‘ I sometimes feel in my spirit.” – Joyce Rupp
I don’t know about you, but one of the graces of Covid has shown me how much I was running and “doing”.
Covid has given me the opportunity to reach out in a different way through telephone calls, Facebook and Zoom; a much slower pace.
I find I take more time in quiet prayer and reflection.
Unfortunately with this pandemic there have been too many deaths and illnesses. It is the Paschal mystery coming alive.