September 23, 2020

My reflection today:
“ When the challenges seem so much greater than your strength, you may wonder how you will get through this day or even this hour. At times like these you need to look back to past trials and tribulations that you have gone through and survived. Remember them? The same strength that enabled you to get through those earlier storms is still within you. Reach down deep and draw from this wellspring; allow it to replenish your soul.
Borrow strength from others – those ‘warriors ‘who have already fought and won the battles you are struggling with today. Rejoice in their victory; they are with you in spirit. Draw strength from those who are with you in the battle today, none of us truly walk alone.
Draw strength from the good things in your life – from the simplest to the greatest. Whether it’s a pretty little flower, a kind word from a friend, a walk in your favorite place, or a beautiful sunset – draw strength from anything good that touches your heart or your day.
Draw strength from those who love you – those who make your life richer by being a part of your days, those who will be there for you not only on sunny days but also on the cloudy ones, and those who hold you in the storms of life.
Have faith in yourself. Draw strength from your faith. And know in your heart that, just as before, this time will pass – because you have strength for today.” – Nancy Sims
 God is that strength in us! Need I say more? Amen