September 20, 2021

My reflection:
“I will never stop thanking God,
with constant words of praise.
My soul will boast of God;
the poor will hear me and be glad.
Join me in praising the Lord,
together tell of God’s name.
I asked and the Lord responded, freed me from all my fears.
Turn to God, be bright with joy;
you shall never be let down.
I begged and got heard,
took my burdens from me.
God’s angel defends the faithful, guards them on every side.
Drink in the richness of God,
enjoy the strength of the Lord.
Live in awe of God, you saints:
you will want for nothing.
Even if lions go hungry,
those seeking God are fed.
Come to me, children, listen:
learn to cherish the Lord.
Do you long for life,
for time to enjoy success?
Keep your tongue from evil,
keep lies far from your lips.
Shun evil, go after good,
press on, seek after peace.
God confronts the wicked
to block them out forever,
but turns toward the just
to hear their cry for help.
The troubled call out; God hears, saves them from all distress.
God stays near broken hearts,
heals the wounded spirit.
The good endure great trials,
but God comes to the rescue
and guards their every bone
so not one is broken.”
Psalm 34:1 – 21
I believe that no matter what we are going through our God always remains with us and walks with us.?