September 15, 2021

My reflection is from Living Faith:
…. so must the Son of Man be lifted up… John 3:14
It is perhaps the most difficult challenge of our faith lives. Why does God allow such horrible suffering in the world? Some of it is so horrible that we are at a loss for words.
All of us who are ministers of the Gospel should refrain from offering glib answers. Empty words do not honor the searing pain of a parent who has lost a child, a young child who has watched a parent die and agonizing death of cancer or a crucified world devastated by a pandemic. These sacred moments demand a reverential silence.
This, too, must be our bearing as we kneel before the crucified One. We sit in silence and honor the infinite agony of a God made flesh. Our mouths are closed, our hearts are rent into, and our tears water the earth.
All of creation is silent as the Cross is lifted up and towers over our crucified world.” Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti
God so loved the world that he took the cross and suffering upon Himself