September 1, 2020

My reflection for today:
“ When we go through life struggles, we sometimes feel weak. It is as if we have forgotten the many things we have been through and how we have changed our lives before.
At this very moment, no matter what you were going through… You are stronger than you know.
Sometimes we don’t know our power until the time comes to use it. It lies dormant within us and emerges just when we think we can’t go on. And when it does, we find that we had much more power and strength than we ever thought possible.
So when you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel, know in your heart that your strength is on its way to the surface. One day you will look back at this moment and see just how strong you really were.
You are stronger than you feel and much stronger than you know.” Lamisha Serf-Walls

God’s love is that power within us.
I believe it is God’s grace that gets us through very difficult times.
I don’t know about you but major challenges I can get through…It’s the little nitty-gritty things that sometimes set me off.
Let us ask God to give us the grace to face each day with love, gratitude and positivity.