October 8, 2020

My reflection today continues from Fresh Bread:
“ Go for a walk in the forest or just down the street if you have some trees nearby whose leaves have turned. Let your heart roam through the leaves. Think thoughts of vulnerability. Pick up a leaf. Take it home with you. Place it somewhere where you will see it often. Let it remind you of the call to be vulnerable.
Take time to browse through a gospel. Note all the times that Jesus opened himself to hurt a misunderstanding. Allow yourself to be a bit more open and vulnerable to someone whom you love. Surrender yourself a bit more to God’s power working through you. Let October be a time when the value of vulnerability is strengthened in your life.”  – Joyce Rupp
Remember being vulnerable is to know the power in surrendering ourselves to God.
It is to allow the power of God‘s Spirit to take over and to move through our being.
Our culture tells us to be strong and independent, our culture has taken God out of our society.
We need to bring God back! Maybe then we would have less riots and shootings.?