October 11, 2020

My reflection today:
“ As I stand on the edge of this day, grant me the strength I need to move forward on this journey with grace. Grant me the courage to travel with compassion as my companion through each hour, the humor to lighten each moment and bring light and laughter to others I meet, and the smiles to scatter along the path that stretches before me. Grant me the wisdom to recognize stones on my path and to be able to distinguish between those I can move, those I can step over, and those I need to leave alone. Grant me the calmness to accept that I don’t always have to be right, to face difficulties with serenity, and to find peace within myself. Grant me the skills and
confidence to face whatever challenges and joys this day brings, and grant me the capacity to relish every moment.” –  Angela M. Churm
Imagine asking God to grant courage, humor, wisdom, calmness and skills to face whatever challenges and joys the day brings.
Each day would be amazing!
We CAN ask God for all of these. Do we dare? Let’s just have the faith to believe that God will grant our request.