October 1, 2020

My reflection today is from Fresh Bread:
“ I finally realize why I’ve grown to appreciate autumn so much. It is because the trees tell me so much about life, especially about the inner seasons of our lives. Each year as I begin to notice that the leaves are going golden, I reflect that the trees seem to give them selves over to the ‘letting go‘ process much more freely than humans. Trees readily allow autumn to have their summer leaves. Trees allow the frost to touch them and the wind to toss them. They allow the season to make it appear that all is lost and that there is no green growth left. But they know better, for even at the most barren moment, when one can look among the branches and see scars and knot- holes the leaves once hid, the trees already show terminal buds with the secret of next spring’s leafing in them.” –  Joyce Rupp
We can learn so much from nature.
The trees do let go of their leaves and show us that there are signs of hope in letting go.
Many times it is difficult to let go, especially letting go of our loved ones who have passed.
But Jesus reminds us in our dying we find new life. ❤️