November 9, 2020

My reflection today is from our Mercy Prayer Book:
“ The joys and sorrows of our lives follow one another, O God, as night follows day. Help us to accept moments of doubt or discouragement as readily as we accept times of joy and gladness, knowing that you ‘will soon come, both hands filled with favors and blessings.’ We ask this through Jesus who sufferings gave way to resurrection. Amen”
There are so many ups and downs in our lives but God is always faithful.
This prayer reminds us that Jesus lead by example. He enjoyed life to the fullest: sharing meals with friends, having a sense of humor, taking time for prayer, and in the end taking on his sufferings which eventually turned to resurrection. whatever we are going through, whether great times or difficult times Jesus understands 100%.
Let us thank God for giving us the gift of Jesus