November 28, 2020

My reflection for today:
“ The Advent season is about as old as the feast of Christmas itself. In fact, the idea of a ‘getting-ready period’ is much older than that. There has existed a necessary ‘getting ready period’ since the time the Israelites spent 40 years in the desert before they were considered worthy to enter the Promised Land. The prophets, even John the Baptist and our Lord himself took time to prepare for their ministry or for a new revelation from God. It was natural, then, that the Church would set aside certain periods to purge away distractions and prepare for special ‘spiritual visitations.” – Isaias Powers
Advent is expectant waiting, hopeful anticipation, and joyful preparation for God coming into our lives and hearts in all moments, all places, all times: past, present and future commemorating the birth of Jesus welcoming God into our lives every day and preparing for Christ’s second coming. Advent prepares us for these events reminds us there’s joy in waiting and even begins a new year for the Church. Advent is different from Lent because it’s a season of hope, not repentance. Lent is a spring cleaning of our livesAdvent is a cozier time, like getting your home ready to welcome a special guest – Jesus the one we’ve been waiting for.. We can use an Advent wreath, an Advent calendar or a Jesse tree. We can spend some extra time in prayer, be patient with our family members, speak kindly to others, if we can afford it: donate to the food pantry or get a present for the parish Giving Tree. Let us make this Advent season a special time to welcome Jesus in our lives at a deeper level.