May 3, 2022

My reflection:
“‘Remember: Easter is a whole season!’ That’s the refrain of a priest in my community who works with welcoming new Catholics into the church. My friend is a stickler for celebrating the entire Easter season, which doesn’t end on Easter Sunday-but begins there and extends until Pentecost.
Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene immediately after his resurrection, and she was than missioned to proclaim the Good News to the rest of the disciples.
But in the days and weeks leading up to his Ascension the risen Christ revealed himself in different ways to the disciples-by appearing suddenly in a locked room, while cooking a simple breakfast by the Sea of Galilee, and over a dinner at an inn. Each of these events, once the disciples recognized Jesus, was a cause for joy- for alleluias.
As we move through the Easter season, perhaps we can meditate on the different ways God is present in our lives. Can you remember how the Risen One has been revealed to you – in some time surprising ways.
And what would your own ‘alleluia’ sound like?
Remember: Easter is a whole season!” Fr. James Martin