May 27, 2021

My reflection today is from Living Faith:
“Master, I want to see.” Jesus told him, “Go your way; your faith has saved you.” Immediately he received his site and followed him on the way. Mark 10:51-52
”To varying degrees, everyone today who needs glasses would have been considered blind, or somewhat blind, in the time of Jesus because glasses didn’t exist. (What a profound change this invention of corrective lenses has made!) Blindness was a big issue in the ancient world, and sight is used frequently in Scripture as a metaphor for spiritual awareness. As Carl Jung puts it, the tragedy is not about the absence of light; the light is always there. It’s about ‘people who do not know that their eyes could see.’ So much of our spiritual work is about seeing God all around us – seeing God in other people – seeing the good rather than being blinded by fear and doubt and anger.
Lord help me to see – to see you and your handiwork in and through everyone and everything I encounter today.” Phil Fox Rose
Our world needs this more now than ever. Each one of us needs to challenge ourselves to see the good in other people. Many times people are trying to figure out what’s that person’s angle. Let us ask God to give us the eyes of Jesus and see people through Jesus’s eyes.?