May 27, 2020

My reflection today it’s from the Mercy Prayer Book:

“Faithful one, you are our God in whom we trust. Work through us that we may bring wholeness to a world of brokenness, mistrust and fidelety.
Spirit of Life, fill us with new energy: That we may be a source of vitality to the fainthearted.
Spirit of Hope, fill us with expectancy: That we may lift the clouds of darkness from the hearts of those living in the shadow of despair.
Spirit of Joy, fill us with happiness:
That we may break the bonds of sadness in the hearts of our sisters and brothers.
Spirit of Love, grant us your healing power: That we may be a source of your compassion to all we meet today.
Spirit of Mercy, permeate our beings: that we may embrace all human life with gentleness and warmth.”