May 19, 2022

My reflection:
Greatest gifts of strong people:
“Strong people are true to themselves. They believe in their dreams and their purpose. They realize that they have the gift of emotional sense and intuition to create a vision for their lives.
They embrace the awesomeness of nature and know they are a part of something big. They know why they’re here and what they’re called to do.
They know they have a spirit, mind, and body, and they take responsibility for all three. They renew their minds with spiritual truths. They think positive thoughts, exercise, and maintain a healthy diet.
They appreciate people‘s differences, respect everyone’s unique qualities, and accept people for who they are.
They treat others the way they wish to be treated. They are generous with their kind words and quick to forgive. They harbor no resentments and are sensitive to the harsh realities of the world.” Donna Fargo