May 12, 2023

My reflection:
” I wish so many wonderful things for you. I want to your present moments to be filled with so much happiness!
I think that some of the best gifts we can receive are the ones we get when we really embrace life – and put our whole heart into it. They say that you get in life what you have the courage to ask for. When it comes to anything – whether it involves people or places or jobs or hoped for plans – you never know what the answer will be if you don’t ask.
And you will never know what the result will be if you don’t try.
May you always keep the faith, continue to work to make things better, get up after you’ve been knocked down, and remember that each tomorrow is a new day. Make good choices, connect with great people, and never forget that the best things of all are often just around the corner.
I want you to be rewarded with all the smiles life could ever give to anyone… And have every blessing you deserve in all the days to come. ” Douglas Pagels