May 11, 2021

My reflection today is from Living Faith:
“The jailer, assuming all his prisoners have escaped, drew his sword to kill himself. Paul’s shout stops the man from taking his own life.
Eventually, the jailer and his family are even converted to the faith. I wonder if we need to hear Saint Pauls words today. We may not be drawing our swords, but maybe we are doing harm to ourselves in other ways. What ways?
Perhaps we are over working or not getting enough sleep. Or maybe we are eating unhealthy foods or drinking too much. Or we might be neglecting daily prayer, wallowing in guilt or constantly putting ourselves down. The truth is, sometimes we are more considerate of others and gentler with them than we are with ourselves. When this happens, we must recall the old maxim, ‘Charity begins at home.’ Charity begins by loving and respecting ourselves.
Do something good for yourself today.
Let us ask God, today to give us new life