May 1, 2021

My reflection today is from Living Faith:
“I always thought of Saint Joseph as a ‘kindly old man.’ When I needed a saint, I went to the likes of Padre Pio, John Vianney or Catherine of Siena. I never thought of Saint Joseph as a particularly powerful intercessor.
I was wrong. Recently, I was praying the litany of Saint Joseph and discovered that one of his titles is ‘terror of demons.’ He is noted as being effective in protecting us from evil. I started to hear stories of people’s prayers to Saint Joseph being answered in striking ways. Clearly, I underestimated this great saint.
It only makes sense. God chose him to protect the Son. He was married to the Mother of God. Now, he is very close to the divine throne and has Mary’s and Jesus’ ear.
Have you ever asked for help from Saint Joseph? If you do, you might be surprised at the graces obtained by this ‘kindly old man’
Saint Joseph, Head of the Holy Family, pray for us!” –  Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti
Today is the feast of Saint Joseph the worker. We don’t know a lot about Saint Joseph but he must’ve been an amazing man to be the foster father of Jesus. He was an amazing protector of Mary and Joseph. When we are having difficulties let us stop and look at Saint Joseph and ask him to guide us.?