March 30, 2022

My reflection:
“Faith lives in your heart beside your dreams and wishes. It’s not a myth. It’s real, and it is the one thing that pleases God… and you, too for that matter. It’s that important. It’s like breath to your desire; it’s the momentum behind your potential. It’s greatest fear is that you’ll abandon it before it can help you out.
Hope is the step before faith, and faith requires it in order to be manifested. Hope wants you to be happy and satisfied, but hope is also in the future. Faith is always now. Hope is a wish for something someday; faith is believing you’ve got it now without seeing any evidence. The soul loves it, the mind requires it, and the spirit has to have it to possess what you’re striving for.
Faith inspires confidence and brings the expectation of a positive outcome when you make an effort to believe and take action. It’s the most comforting friend there is when you’re sick or sad and especially when you’re failing. Don’t be caught without it. It’s the possible in every dream and the bright light in your future. It can color every day beautiful and help you keep going when it seems like there’s no end in sight.” Donna Fargo
With God all things are possible!?