March 21, 2021

My reflection today:
“When you’re hurt and confused and things are hard to accept or understand, give them to God and He will give you peace and faith.
When you’ve been treated rudely or unfairly and hatred and anger rule your soul, talk to God about it and He will give you a forgiving, calm spirit
When you’re overwhelmed with too much to do and stressed out because of lack of time, let God guide you and He will show you where your priorities should be.
When you’re feeling down and discouraged and you aren’t living up to your own dreams and expectations, let God be your partner and He will give you power and strength.
When things get tough and you want to give up, don’t… and God won’t either.”- Barbara Cage
What a beautiful reflection God never gives up and neither should we. Let us take the time to ask God to help us get through whatever we are going through at this time. God is always present with us.?