March 17, 2021

My reflection today is from Living Faith:
“We commemorate Saint Patrick, a fifth century bishop and former slave, famous for driving snakes out of Ireland. I’ve never been to Ireland, plus I live where there are no dangerous snakes, so his deed didn’t hold much meaning for me. Until I realized that snakes are also an image for the unpleasant forces that can slither and slide into human existence. Gossip, for instance, poisons relationships and squeezes the life out of families and communities. What might be afflicting us now?
Saint Patrick is beloved because he offered God‘s mercy to free people from what afflicted them, bringing God‘s comfort and the reassurance that God never forgets them, even when they forsake him. Let’s rejoice in praying with Saint Patrick.
Let us arise today through God‘s strength to pilot us, God‘s word to speak for us.” – Mary Marrocco
Patrick’s 30 years as a wandering bishop are the stuff of legend. He is justly honored as the patron of Ireland. But it is well to remember that Patrick was the victim of Irish injustice (he was a slave) before he became the symbol of Irish pride. His spiritual conquest of Ireland followed the prior victory of love over the anger and bitterness in his own heart. ☘️