June16, 2021

My reflection today comes from our Mercy prayer book:
“The God of life is in our midst, breathing energy and compassion into our hearts. We lift our voices in prayer and praise as we say:
Generous God, fill our heart!
We pray for the gift of gratitude that we may be thankful for each new day:
We pray for the gift of hope that we may be able to meet the challenges of each day with courage and conviction:
We pray for the gift of compassion that we may reach out to all who are oppressed, especially to women and men who struggle for equality and fullness of life:
We pray for the gift of joy that we may delight in the beauty of each person and in the mystery of your love:
We pray for the gift of peace that we may live in harmony with one another:”
 our God is in our midst! I believe that God is in our midst even in our deepest struggles. Let us take the time today to reflect on how God is in our midst.❤️