June 9, 2023

My reflection is from Living Faith:
Before them all Tobit proclaimed how God had mercifully restored site to his eyes. Tobit 11:17
“Confession: The whole ‘God is good proclamation has never sat well with me, especially when it accompanies an answered prayer. Somehow it feels like a conditional statement. It’s good thing happened; therefore, God is good. Of course, God is good when cancer is cured or the blind cannot see, but what about when people die, where is ravish nations and children starve? I can see nonbelievers cringing asking, ‘How good is your God now?’
Very good. Now and always. He was good when he mercifully restored Tobit site, but it isn’t his ex that make him good. It is his very being. God is good because he loves and forgives. He’s good because he pursues us even in the darkness and stays with us through strife sickness and fear. He never leaves. He is all that is good and worthy even when everything else is not.”