June 9, 2020

My reflection today continues from Fresh Bread by Joyce Rupp:

“ Truth touches are those inner stirrings ( I am sure it is God) that continually remind me that life is worth living and that God’s promises are true. Hope comes leaping out in some scripture passages as Colossians 1:12 -20:“The Father… has taken us out of the power of darkness and created a place for us in the kingdom of the Son whom he loves.” This truth touch helps me believe far beyond today and the difficult moments it may hold. I find truth touches in scripture and in the voices and the written words of others.”

During these times of isolation I think many of us have looked at the inner stirrings in our lives. It’s a time to really believe that God does touch our life. We need to listen more to God’s gentle stirrings in our life each day. The staff at our parish has been calling parishioners and each of us have had very positive experiences. These have been gentle stirrings in each of our lives. People are so grateful to hear from staff from our parish. ?