June 8, 2021

My reflection today:
“Savor each moment presented to you. Make certain you’ve taken the time to watch the sun both rise and set and have allowed yourself a moment to enjoy the night light’s game of hide-and-seek as the moon and stars peep out of the darkness.
Stop to appreciate the new blossom on a flower as its beauty unfolds and colors the earth.
Be silent and listen to the songs of nature as they greet you. The music of the birds and creatures around us is a gift of Mother Earth.
Smile at the people around you. Be aware that none of us exist within a vacuum and that who we are, what we do, and what we say will have an impact on someone every single day.
Search until you find something good about everyone you come in contact with during your day. It becomes easier with time and practice, and soon you’ll see the positive in each person long before you find their faults. And somehow the weaknesses even in yourself will seem not so great.
Take a moment, even when you think there is none, to listen to the voice that speaks within you. Let it guide you toward your center and point you toward your future.
Learn to like who you are. We are none without our bad points, but don’t allow yourself to focus only on those. Without day, there would be no night. Without cold, there would be no warmth. Without both the good and the bad in each of us, we would exist only as an image and not a real person. Allow yourself to be human – an ever evolving person – but one with many facets.
Love fully. Love freely. And never regret the emotion. It is the most fragile, yet the strongest, of the threads that weaves man’s heart.
And, you’ve heard this before, never put it off. Never fail to tell someone in your life that they are appreciated. It may not need to be said, but how gracefully it falls on the ears anyway, and how fully it embraces and warms the heart.” Brenda Hager
Isn’t this what Jesus calls us to do in our lives? It is a challenge to do this every day in our life. Let us ask God to give us the grace to live this out each day.?