June 25, 2022

My reflection is from Living Faith:
Pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lamentations 2:19
“Mothering has been my most challenging and rewarding vocation. What I share as a mother with my four children simply cannot be explained by DNA or human nature. The spiritual connection defines and challenges me even now, in my grandmothering years.
I am comforted and strengthened by Mother Mary. Like her, I held a newborn in my arms and pondered her future. I taught my child to pray and see God in the world. I delighted in her humor and corrected her behavior. I watched her grow in stature and in wisdom. And, also like Mary I lost her in a large crowd. thankfully, rather than three days later, I found her after 15 frantic and frightful minutes.
She who not only ‘kept all these things in her heart,’ also poured out prayerfully the contents of her heart in the presence of the Lord. When life‘s difficult moments threatened to steal my peace of heart, I turn to Mother Mary for comfort, example and advice. Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda