June 17, 2022

My reflection is from Living Faith:
“Why bother praying if God already knows what we need? Prayer is more than asking for what we want. It’s not intended to be rote or transactional. Prayer is about connection and relationship, which begin with trust. When we pray, we have the beautiful opportunity to have a conversation with the Creator of the universe, the essence of power and divine intelligence. As we ask for what we need, we rise in our ability to perceive and receive it.
Some of my favorite prayers are expressions of advance gratitude, as I speak my way from fear and unknowing to trust and surrender: Father I thank you that you are healing my friend, you are comforting my child, you are increasing our abundance, you are lighting my path from confusion to clarity. When we shift from petition to thankfulness, the entire focus of situation is transformed. We can attend to what we need to do next, knowing that he has our greater good already unfolding.” Kristin Armstrong
Let us take time to let our relationship with God grow. That can only happen if we take the time to be present to God.?