June 11, 2020

My reflection today continues from Fresh Bread by Joyce Rupp:

“I believe that if we are to be hope filled people, if we are to be called rainbow callers, we need to fall deeply in love with God and treasure the promise we hear in the Scriptures. We need to experience laughter, to delight in life’s incongruities. We need to have a time each day to recall God’s presence and believe again in the wonders and beauties around us. We also need to keep searching for people who believe and hope for what we hungry for in our hearts.”

I was at the dentist the other day, and the assistant was asking me questions about losing the sense of taste or smell.
I said, “ No, thank God.” She responded with “ That is so true, I don’t know how people can go without believing in God.”
How true! Even in these dark times our God is walking with us calling each of us to be rainbow callers. ?