July 28, 2020

My reflection today comes from our Mercy Prayer Book:
Psalm 96
“A new song for the Lord! Sing it and bless God’s name, everyone, everywhere! Tell the whole world God’s triumph day to day, God’s glory, God’s wonder.

A noble God deserving praise, the dread of other gods, the puny gods of pagans; for our God made the heavens – the Lord of majestic light who fills the temple with beauty.

Proclaim the Lord, you nations, praise the glory of God’s power, praise the glory of God’s name! Bring gifts to the temple, bow down, all the earth, tremble in God’s holy presence.

Tell the nations, “The Lord rules!“ As the firm earth is not swayed nothing can sway God’s judgment. Let heaven and earth be glad, the sea and sea creatures roar, the field and its beasts exult.

Then let the trees of the forest sing before the coming of the Lord, who comes to judge the nations, to set the earth a right restoring the world
to order.”

This psalm was written over 1500 years ago and I think it is still relevant today.

In spite of all that is going on …we need to bless God’s name and sing God’s praise.

I think the puny god are those who are looting and rioting; those who refuse to wear masks.

Eventually God will restore the world to order. Let us pray that is sooner than later.?