July 20, 2022

My reflection today is from Living Faith:
But the Lord answered me, Say not, ‘ I am too young.’ To whom ever I send you, you shall go; whatever I command you, you shall speak. Jeremiah 1:7
“Last year, my college-aged son transferred schools. COVID and attendant restrictions had done a number those first two years, so he decided to transfer closer to home where many of his high school friends studied.
As with every decision, there is a loss, gain and opportunity. For just weeks into the new school year, the father of one of his friends died. Another mom visited the crew soon after and asked how the boy was doing. She reported that my son, who lost his own father when he was younger, said quietly, ‘I can help him. Maybe that’s why I’m here now.’
We’re never too old or too young, and, if we’re open to God, we might never be in the ‘wrong’ place at all.
God of Wisdom and solace, use me to help others wherever I find myself today.” Amy Welborn
This reflection is so true. Each one of us just needs to open our eyes to see what God is calling us to do. Sometimes we see it in hindsight