July 1, 2020

My reflection today comes from Fresh Bread by Joyce Rupp:

“You are a letter from Christ in the mailbox of my life I found many forms of letters but the ones I’ve most rejoiced in are the ones sent from my Lord. they look most ordinary that no one would suspect they bear the blessed message of the truth about my heart. some letters bring me challenge to forgo my heart in ways; some letters invite happiness and promise new delight. some letters gift my days with hope when all the world seems dark; some letters bear tough questions regarding weakness and sin. some letters send me healing when my heart is weary; some letters speak of loving and of giving beyond cost. some letters make me wonder how I ever could refuse, for they are letters of proposal for a love life with my God. I know that I’ll keep coming to the mailbox of my life, because the letters tell of Jesus and pursue me with his truth.”

Well, we can certainly tell that this book was written 25 years ago. Now, it would be: you are the text or the email of Christ.

Today, I was reflecting what is it to be a letter text or email of Christ? I never really thought about all the different letters, cards, texts or emails that I get as being a gift from Christ. ?