January 3, 2021

My reflection today is from Give Us This Day, Epiphany:
“ Herod is a guy we know, a coward who appears secure in his status and power but is desperately afraid of losing it. We know what’s coming, the slaughter of the infants in Bethlehem, the beheading of John the Baptist. And all because a man fears losing his position and facing social shame. The magi can read a man better than most, and their discernment, their recognizing that something is not right with Herod despite his words of encouragement, saves the life of the infant Jesus. As they avoid returning to Herod and find ‘another way,’ the magi move God’s salvation story along.
Epiphanies are not easy on us. It can hurt to recognize the lie behind another’s words. When I suffered an accident that severely limited my mobility, a person I considered a friend ignored me completely. Just four words –‘How are you doing?’-would have helped. But nothing for weeks, and then a text after I had recovered: ‘You can always count on me.’ Those words stung because he had just demonstrated that they were not true. I could no longer trust him, and I needed to pray over it and move on.
This betrayal reminded me that our world is one of darkness and pain, and that we need the light of Christ to guide us. He shows us what is possible when we let go of fear, neuroses, and all the idols we cling to for false security. When we need it most, Christ will provide another
way.” – Kathleen Norris
Wow, Kathleen hit the nail on the head. How true. She brought the idea of finding another way in a different light. I’m sure there are people in our lives that have let us down.
I remember when people who were not happy with my entering the convent, said to my mother, “Aren’t you upset?” She said, “ No, because God will be faithful to her.” 
In the darkness God will be our light! ?