January 28, 2022

My reflection:
“You are made to dream, to hope, and to imagine; you are meant to reach, to stretch, and to soar; you are created to laugh, to live, and to love.
There is enough that can go wrong in life without undermining yourself. Life tends to grant you exactly what you invite in with your thoughts. If you think, act, and talk negatively, your world will most likely be negative. Your attitude is a choice you make.
It’s possible to change your life by simply adjusting your attitude. Optimism and enthusiasm will most often create real achievement and lasting joy. It takes so little in life to be truly happy, and most everything you need can be found within yourself – in your own heart and soul in the way you choose to think.
Get rid of negative thoughts, and try to avoid negative people. Think, act, and talk with honesty, integrity, and a positive attitude. Surround yourself with encouraging, loving people, and you will attain a deep sense of inner peace, which is the heart of all happiness and true success.” Vickie M. Worsham
Two people can go through the exact situation and have different feelings about what happened. It is all based on one’s attitude. Let us ask God to give us the grace to be positive in our life.?