January 27, 2023

My reflection is from Living Faith:
This is how it is with the Kingdom of God. Mark 4:26
“I love to watch kids play, especially when I get lost in my grown-up thoughts. At those times, I yearn to join them, but my height and wrinkles would give me away. Kids delight in the truth. They see with eyes unclouded by judgment. They’re hungry to learn and excited to discover the wonders of all around them. Dandelion bouquets and dead bugs are the gifts to others from their humble hearts.
Kids aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. They love simply can I say the same? As adults, do we forget the children we once were?
Matthew 18:3 serves as a reminder: Unless we become like little children we will not enter the kingdom of God. There is a child in each of us, ready to teach us and to lead us home to God’s Kingdom.
May we see with the eyes of a child and rejoice in the wonders of God’s love.” Gail Goleas