January 24, 2022

My reflection:
“ Promise yourself… to follow the path that best affirms your values, expresses your passion, and empowers your soul; to balance work with play, learning with teaching, and words with deeds.
Promise yourself… to treat people with respect for their differences and compassion for their pain; to appreciate that everyone has a reason for doing what they do, feeling how they feel, and being where they are. Promise to remember this about others… and know it about yourself.
Promise yourself… to say yes to your curiosity and no to your fear; to keep your goals clear in mind and close to your heart; to choose relationships that allow for the fullest expression of your interests, feelings, and self – and to build on those that nourish you; to be the one who makes things happen when others make excuses and the one who gives even more when others give up.
Promise to put your best into every task… and get the most out of every day.” Paula Finn
Let us remember that God is in each and everyone of those moments.