January 13, 2021

My reflection today:
“ The midnight hour is a difficult period in a persons life…
No matter what midnight hour you’re faced with, God can give you strength to live with it. Always remember that when you pray, God is working on your behalf. No matter what the midnight situation is, if you stay armed with prayer, God has a prescription for you. He will either remove it or give you the necessary strength to live through it. Therefore, rest in the knowledge that none of your prayers go unnoticed because through prayer you invoke God’s power to work in your life.” – The Reverend Bernice A. King
Unfortunately I’ve heard people say God did not answer my prayers!  I think Reverend King response to that statement very well. I remember when my mother was very sick and dying, I asked the children at Saint Joseph school to pray for her.
After she died, I remember going to each of the classrooms and telling the students, “God always answers our prayers, and just like a parent sometimes God’s answer is no, but God gives us the strength to get through the situation.”
My prayer now is please God heal our country.