January 12, 2022

My reflection is from Give Us This Day:
“I believe I am finally beginning to understand the words in the Gospel of John where Jesus promises us the advocate – the Holy Spirit – and promises us we will never be alone: ‘I will not leave you orphaned’ (John 14:18). When I think of these words and repeat them to myself, something inside shifts and brings a bit of light into the dark loneliness. Remembering that God promises to be with me and that I am never alone is deeply comforting. When I first began to understand this years ago, it caused a life-altering shift, one I am still trying to deepen and believe in more.
It comforts me to know that I am not left on my own to figure out things. I am not alone in growing in my relationship with God. I am not alone in making any decisions. I am not alone in walking through joys or heartbreaking sorrow.
God is always with me, residing in that chapel I carry with me wherever I go. God‘s friendship and presence are unshakable gifts of companionship and give me a reason to hope. I am never alone, because God is with me. I know and believe this in my bones because of my own experience of God‘s presence.” Becky Eldridge, The Inner Chapel
I can say I agree with Becky 100% but there are times when God‘s presence is not totally felt. There were some days in the hospital that I was questioning God’s presence. but knowing so many people were praying for me gave me much help. I know what got me through this minor ordeal (compared to what some people are going through) was knowing of all my family and friends praying for me. Thank you!