January 10, 2021

My reflection today comes from Fresh Bread:
“ I invite you this month to pray the message of freshness. Think about how we end one journey and begin another with a clean start. Pray to open up to God‘s everlasting love for you. Along with praying a passage of scripture each day, I invite you to enter into some reminders of the freshness of God‘s love in your daily life. This January you might wish to do some of the following to increase your awareness of the freshness which God holds out to you:
Use imagery to connect you to freshness into God’s gift of new beginnings. For me, God‘s love is refreshing… As taking an early morning walk, as catching a snowflake on my cheek, as taking a shower after a tennis match, as feeling the touch of a newly born babe, as hearing the trees filled with wrens, as smelling freshly baked bread, as drinking good, red wine.
How is God‘s love refreshing for you?
When you go outdoors, pause to take a deep breath of fresh winter air; it can be a prayer without words, recalling the winter God’s fresh love.
Make a deliberate effort to give someone a fresh start in relating to you; give someone another chance – maybe a family member, or a friend or neighbor, or someone you work with, or maybe even your own self when you are discouraged or too hard on yourself; maybe it means a letter to someone you have been upset with for a long time.
Pause over ordinary things like clean wash, new snowfalls, freshly baked goods, faces of children full of wonder, new shoots on plants…
Remember, you are to be ‘fresh bread.’ May the freshness of God‘s lasting love for you give you a brand new start this year.” – Joyce Rupp
Need I say more? Have a wonderful day