January 1, 2021

My reflection today comes from God:
Heaven, Early morning
New Year’s Day
“Dear Daughter, Dear Son,
I am writing you in the name of Jesus. It’s the first thing I want to do in this new year. Today, the eighth day after Christmas, my son is given his name… and his name, his destiny. In a sense, he now swings into action.
I chose the name for him: Jesus. It’s a very good choice. All the world will know what he must do and why he must do it, because they will know who he is. He is my Beloved, my agent of salvation. That is what his name stands for: God is Savior.
I have sent him for this purpose. He will rescue all people from their sins. He will restore hope, heal the brokenhearted. He will give dignity to humankind, putting love and harmony back into their proper place.
I feel like celebrating today. I rejoice because it is the beginning of my great work. I rejoice because of you, also. I love you much more than I did before. Of course, I always loved you. I created you from nothing. I made the world, and made it a good world, just for you. But now there is more to it… there is more to you. You are linked to the life of my own dear Son. I love you the same way I love him. That is why he was born of Mary, so that you and he could be joined together.
Because of Christmas, you are united to the life of Jesus. Because of this day- when he is given his name – you are united to his destiny. In the small part of the world you live in, you are to work, hand-in-hand, with my Son. You are to be ‘another Jesus:’ rescuing people from their helplessness, healing the brokenhearted, restoring harmony where there is dissension, loving others as I have first loved you…
I cannot explain everything in this short letter. I cannot explain everything to my Son, either. He is only eight days old. He will grow in grace and manhood. Love and wisdom will develop, little by little.
So it will be with you. Keep going. Don’t get discouraged. Remember my constant love for you. It is your gift. It came with the life, and the destined love, of Jesus.
Happy New Year!