February 5,2021

My reflection today:
“Too often discouragement, unhappiness, and stress take a toll on our lives and rob us of the joy we are entitled to. It’s at those times that we must not take the power of prayer for granted; we should stop what we’re doing and focus on God. In stressful times, we should consciously back off from the situation and take a moment to reflect on what’s really important. A conversation with God has a way of putting things in perspective. He often helps us change our attitude, find a solution, or see the humor. God shows us what our talents and gifts are and how to put them to use for our success and peace of mind. God reminds us that mistakes and failures are okay; he helps us learn from them and gives us the confidence to go on. Life can be tough with all its challenges and problems – we get tired and fed up, and sometimes we feel overwhelmed – but it really isn’t all that difficult when you have God… That’s when life is as simple as a prayer.” – Barbara Cage
This is an important reminder of how we really need to stop and communicate with God. Yes the formal prayers are good
But simple prayers during the day are just as meaningful.
“Good morning, Jesus.”
“Oh God, help me get through this.”
“Thank you, Jesus.”
Take time during the day just to touch base with Jesus. I find my days are much better when I take the time to stop and talk to Jesus during the day. Amen