February 4, 2022

My reflection:
“Remember when you were a child and how easy it was to play pretend? You could get lost in your dreams and suspended in your imagination, and it seemed like you could do anything. You were the main character in your own movies of what you wanted to happen, and you’d go to that wonderland, that place where you were so happy that your dream had actually come true.
You may be grown-up now, but you are still a child of God – so why not believe you have the same power? Except this time, take your dreams to that higher place and declare with certainty: ‘I break the chain of habitual thinking of worst case scenarios based on my physical being. I invite my imagination and God to create the realities I pray for in my life. I will appreciate every blessing and each bit of newfound wisdom that come to me.’ Then state your wants and needs clearly to God, thank Him for giving you the desires of your heart, and absolutely know they’re on the way.” Donna Fargo