February 28, 2022

My reflection:
“Sooner or later, many get to the place where there is no medicine for what they need and their only hope is God. Some may say they’ve asked God for help and their condition hasn’t changed or maybe even gotten worse, so now what?
At times like this, it’s important to remember that God is sovereign, and we are not, so we need Him. If we don’t have a relationship with him, we are working with only two-thirds of our potential because we’re body, soul, AND spirit. And since God is a spirit and we’re made in His image (spiritually), we probably need to communicate with Him in that way.
Fortunately, we have the Bible to help us do this. And it tells us that ‘God for His own loving purpose puts both the will and the action into us.’ that scripture is so powerful and changes the emphasis from us to Him. Can you believe Him? If we can surrender to Him, come as children and cast all our cares on Him, it would seem we have freed ourselves from some of the confines of our physical nature and move to where God’s spirit lives… In our heart and soul.” Donna Fargo
God is always walking with us!