February 27,2021

My reflection today is from Living Faith:
Blessed are they who follow the law of the Lord! Psalm 119:1
”Like it or not, we need regulations to protect the common good. But what about rules you believe are arbitrary? Have you ever thought about breaking any? That thought has crossed my mind a time or two! When it’s tempting to rebel, think about this truth: Along with rights, we have responsibilities to one another.
Consider how the recent pandemic, brought on by the invisible coronavirus, impacted us. Stay-at-home orders, along with social distancing and face mask guidelines were mandated – not to punish us, but to protect us. Let’s face it-no one really likes being told what to do or when to do it. What makes sense to me may not make sense to you. And that’s okay. We are responsible for one another regardless of our views. While we may not always be of one mind, God‘s law of love calls us to be of one heart.” Gail Goleas
I found this reflection interesting. It gives us some good points to reflect on.?