February 23, 2022

My reflection:
“Use these keys to help unlock any door:
Truth… When you’re honest with yourself and others, you can avoid misunderstandings and save yourself a lot of time.
Patience… Whether you possess it naturally or have to develop it, you need it. It’s a quiet kind of confidence and a reward worth the wait.
Prayer… This is the great balancer. It’s our direct line to God that connects us with His spirit. It is the key to His kingdom. It humbles us and keeps us strong.
Love… It’s the greatest commandment: love God, everyone, and yourself. Faith works by it, and happiness is a result of it. Love makes your life more beautiful.
If you rely on these keys, they will give you the guidance you need to unlock any door.”Donna Fargo
God has gifted us with every one of these keys. Each one of us decides whether we will use them or not…?