February 22, 2021

My reflection today:
“I believe God will always answer your questions and He will also answer your prayers, but many people think that the answers are always ‘yes’. And that’s not the case. Sometimes the answer has to be ‘no’. It may not be what we want to hear, but if that’s the answer God gives, we have to accept His wisdom. I don’t believe for a moment that sometimes God doesn’t hear me or that He says, ‘I’m not going to answer Mary Lou on this one.’ When I was a child, I sometimes wondered, as we all do, why God ‘didn’t answer.’ Wasn’t I praying the right way? Hadn’t I been as good a girl as I could possibly be? Had He stopped loving me? As I matured in my faith, I came to see that all the times I thought God wasn’t listening, He was actually saying, ‘No’ or ‘Not now, you’ll have to wait.” – Mary Lou Retton
This has come up so often. I’ve heard people say God never listens to my prayers. I believe that God always listens but sometimes it’s not the answer that we want. I’m sure all the families who have had a loved one who is been very sick or died from Covid is feeling that their prayers were not answered. May God give them the strength that they need to get through these difficult times.