February 20,2022

My reflection:
“Dream under a night sky; dance to the light of your own music. Do the things that make your heart sing. Be your own biggest fan. Bask in the glow of your potential. Cherish yourself. Today and every day, take some ‘me time’ just for you… because you’re more special than you know.
Celebrate the stars shining in you. Every dawn is a new beginning filled with adventure. Chart your own journey. See yourself as a beautiful person – because you are. Keep your hopes shining bright. There are so many things that make you special. With every step you take, love walks along with you. Have faith in your wonderful self; you really can do anything you set your mind to.
Chase joy. Run after happiness. The journey you take from here will be as beautiful as you make it. Like morning sunshine, let love come softly to you. Linger under some moonlight. Let it warm you from the inside out. See yourself for the wonderful person you are.
Open your own heart, and let these thoughts bless you today and always.” Linda E. Knight
Let us always remember to stop and thank God for all the beautiful gifts that we have been given.?