February 19, 2023

My reflection:
“Take nothing for granted: the sheer act of waking each day; fresh air upon your cheek; each effort expended on self or another – walking the dog, shopping for food, toiling at home, in an office, or on the road. Every moment is rare, short, and full of glory. Every word is magic; a story achieved through will. Marvel at nature’s moods as mirror of your own. Recall a sunrise or sunset, a flock of geese in the sky.
Care about parents or children as fragile gifts, like petals on a rose, like songs from one bird. Praise the simple or complex – the invention of flight above the clouds; the wheel; the bathtub; a rocking chair. We rise and fall in the moon or a wave, in a smile or many tears. And being brave is to be alive as we give and share love always, only and ever to survive.” Rochelle Lynn Holt