February 19, 2021

My reflection today:
“Perhaps the most important time to pray is when we are swayed by the insistence of other people to use force (or manipulation) instead of staying with patient love.
Power is a great temptation. The world is run by it. Nations use guns, threats, terrorism. We, in our private world, use nagging, silent treatment, signs of contempt, and other forms of bully tactics. Jesus denied himself all these weapons of control. We must do the same.” Rev. Isaias Powers C.P.
Unfortunately, with social media people sometimes destroy others without even thinking about it. If they were speaking to that particular person they probably wouldn’t say what was said on social media. The cancel culture is very scary.
Dear God, help us to be wary of the easy way. We could get what we want more effectively if we forced people to do our will. Make sure we pray about it when we’re tempted to take shortcuts into someone else’s soul. You don’t force anyone. You always give us a choice. Let us do the same. Make sure we stay true to ourselves. Amen