February 17, 2022

My reflection:
“When you’re down, believe that this is just a place you’re in and that you won’t be discouraged forever. Think about this… it wouldn’t make sense that God would challenge you to be an overcomer if you weren’t able to be, so don’t let this disappointment define you. This is just a battle – it’s not the war. Besides, it may be a blessing in disguise.
Believe that clarity will come when you’re ready to move forward. After you’ve done all you know to do, trust that God is working out the details so you can be blessed. Realize that there may be lessons you need to learn, and don’t worry. Just know that your day will come in perfect timing.
When life‘s not fair, believe that it’s still good. You can choose to be hopeful and faithful, no matter what you’re experiencing, and you don’t have to let anything steal your joy. You can still count some blessings that others may not have. Believe with all your being that God loves you. After all, He gave you your dreams, your vision, and your purpose – and since His spirit actually lives in your heart, how can you possibly fail?” Donna Fargo
Powerful! Need I say more??