February 14, 2022

My reflection today:
“There probably were two Valentines, both murdered around the year 269. One of them may have been the Bishop of Terni, Italy. In those days of persecution, Christians met secretly and hid their faith to protect their lives. Bishops were unable to hide and we’re often the first Christians in their communities to be tortured and killed. Often a bishop died in the hope that other Christians would not be hunted out.
The other Valentine was a priest and physician in Rome. A legend says that he sent letters of love and encouragement to the people of his community who lived in fear of persecution. From that legend the practice of sending valentines on his feast day may have begun.
But there is another explanation for the custom of sending valentines. In the Middle Ages people believe that on February 14, the day Saint Valentine died, birds begin choosing their mates for the springtime. So this day came to be thought of as the perfect day to choose a sweetheart.”
If you don’t have a valentine, let Jesus be your valentine.
Even if you do have a valentine, let Jesus be your Valentine. ❤️